CRG is ranked the #1 commercial real estate developer in St. Louis.

CRG Real Estate Development

We Do What We Say We’ll Do

CRG is focused on delivering the best real estate development solutions to our clients and partners. CRG offers unparalleled planning, design and construction expertise by leveraging Clayco Collective companies Clayco and Lamar Johnson Collaborative. Our full-integration sets us apart from our competitors.

CRG believes in “doing what we say we’ll do” and living by the golden rule of treating others as we wish to be treated.

Our real estate development team consists of the best and brightest in the industry and we are selective in choosing projects that are the most impactful to our clients and the communities in which we work.

With an organization completely devoted to client satisfaction, CRG guarantees to exceed your expectations with seamless collaboration and total transparency.

We Have Set Dramatic New Standards

We have dramatically set new standards for development, design, quality and craftsmanship, efficient project management, cost containment and worker safety. We’ve integrated the building process from head to tail and adopted new technologies that bring state of the art design-build opportunities to clients and the communities they serve.

In the process of creating and innovating we tear down obstacles, old methods and outdated thinking, and we replace them with new ideas and transformational solutions.

We see projects through the eyes of the people who will use them every day. Through their eyes, we see places of progress, technology and industry. The result? Powerful structures with impacts that reach far beyond the walls.

Our team has formed strong relationships in the industry and, as a result, has a clear understanding of objectives. Our market knowledge and specialized focus help our clients maximize their opportunities to meet their strategic goals.

We see beyond the walls and the buildings we construct


Sq Ft
*commercial, industrial, multifamily and institutional product

CRG is a privately held real estate development firm that has developed more than 9,000 acres of land and delivered over 200 million square feet of commercial, industrial, institutional and multifamily assets exceeding $12 billion in value.




*commercial, industrial, multifamily and institutional product

The Power of CRG + Clayco

CRG leverages the power of Clayco to develop, finance, design, construct and market your project while meeting your financial and institutional goals. CRG provides turnkey, full-service building solutions through our real estate services capabilities and Clayco’s fully integrated subsidiaries Lamar Johnson Collaborative, an architecture firm that combines large firm experience with small studio dedication; Concrete Strategies, a leading edge, full-service, design–build, concrete contractor; Ventana, a building enclosure company that designs, supplies and installs high–performing curtainwall façade systems, and The Decennial Group, a vertically integrated real estate investment and development platform.



What Sets Us Apart

For the past 27 years, CRG has developed our clients most important projects with a focus on people, its “Beyond These Walls” mantra and the communities we work in. Our core services include:

  • Development Site Selection
  • Land Acquisition and Negotiation
  • Feasibility and economic analysis
  • Site Planning and Cost Analysis
  • Engagement and Entitlements
  • Incentive Discovery and Negotiation
  • Planning and Design Management
  • Development Management
  • Development Project Financing
  • Leasing and Lease Structuring
  • Accounting and Financial Reporting
  • Tenant Occupancy and Coordination
  • Contractor and Vendor Maintenance
  • Leasing and Administration